Governor Patrick Visits Holyoke Public Library

June 11, 2009, 1 p.m.

Today Governor Patrick along with the president of UMASS Amherst, the president of MIT, the president of Boston University and representatives of EMC and Cisco Systems had a press conference to announce their committment to bringing a new, green, technology center, to the city of Holyoke, positioning it as a new economic and business hub in western Massachusetts.

Photographs of the event are below

More photos from the Governor's Office

Here is the official Press Release from the event.

June 11, 2009 - For immediate release:
Unprecedented collaboration with MIT, UMASS, BU, EMC & Cisco Systems will position Massachusetts as leader in next generation of computing technologies
HOLYOKE – Thursday, June 11, 2009 – Governor Deval Patrick, MIT President Dr. Susan Hockfield, UMASS President Dr. Jack M. Wilson, Boston University President Dr. Robert Brown, Joseph M. Tucci, Chairman, President & CEO of EMC, and John T. Chambers, Chairman & CEO of Cisco Systems today announced a collaboration that will lead to the development of a world-class, high-performance computing center in Holyoke, and a statewide collaborative research program. The center will be powered by a combination of green and cost-competitive energy, making it a cost-effective and environmentally sound facility.
Today’s announcement positions Massachusetts to be a leader in the application and development of the next generation of computing technologies, and will spur the creation of an innovation economy district in Holyoke.
"Innovation is our calling card in Massachusetts, and this partnership with MIT, the University of Massachusetts, Boston University, EMC and Cisco Systems will usher in the next generation of high-performance computing and set us apart from our competitors,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “The potential for breakthrough technologies and research is enormous, and both the center and this collaboration will undoubtedly serve to lift up the City of Holyoke and regional economies throughout Western Massachusetts."
High-performance computing has become an increasingly critical tool for both academic and corporate research across a variety of fields, including biotechnology and alternative energy. The commitment of the center’s partners to collaborate with state, academic, and business institutions across industries will create jobs in Western Massachusetts and power scientific and technological research to ignite regional economic growth.
“Many of today's most important technical challenges will yield only to the power of high-performance computing, from modeling climate change to managing a massively complex ‘smart grid’ and developing novel materials for 21st century technologies, from biomedicine to batteries,” said MIT President Susan Hockfield. “At MIT, we're committed to help drive the effort to deliver state-of-the-art computing performance to universities and companies across the region, through aggressive development of the Holyoke HPCC. Built to capitalize on local sources of green power, it will provide new opportunities for partnerships among private industry, government and the academy, and foster the Commonwealth’s innovation-based economy.”
“The creation of a High Performance Computing Center will advance the Commonwealth’s status as a global research and innovation leader and will spur the state’s ideas-driven economy,” said University of Massachusetts President Jack M. Wilson. “That this High Performance Computing Center would be conspicuously green, relying on wind and hydro power to meet its considerable energy needs, adds luster to what is a truly exciting project.”
"This initiative represents an excellent opportunity for our universities, industries, and the Commonwealth to combine our strengths to develop a state-of-the-art computational resource and to collaborate in research and development that will drive the state's economy, and keep Massachusetts in the forefront of information technology,” said Boston University President Robert Brown.
This agreement is the continuation of a collaboration first established at a meeting convened last October between university leaders at MIT and UMass, industry executives from EMC and Cisco, and the Commonwealth. All parties have worked collectively in support of a center and research agenda that would have multiple functions and benefits to the state’s innovation economy.
"The process of innovation truly thrives when government, education and private industry lock arms as one," said Joe Tucci, EMC chairman, president and CEO. "Working together, the Holyoke High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) is tapping into a whole new source of vision and innovation, and keeping Massachusetts at the forefront as a global technology leader."
“We applaud the transformational vision this program proposes – which will strengthen our regional science, technology, and innovation leadership while creating a unique “innovation district” in the Pioneer Valley built upon green and cost competitive energy, strong local talent, and exceptional fiber connectivity. We also view the exceptional collaboration emerging across government, industry and academia as a strong foundation for broader success in the Commonwealth and the region," said Paul Bosco, VP/GM & Site Executive, New England Development Center, Cysco Systems, Inc.
The Patrick Administration, MIT, the University of Massachusetts, Boston University, EMC, and Cisco have signed an agreement committing to work collaboratively over the next 120 days to create an action plan with the ultimate goal of building and opening the new facility and forming the statewide research agenda. The plan will be assisted in part by the John Adams Innovation Institute and local collaboration of Holyoke Mayor Michael Sullivan and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, and will seek to identify the operational, capital, environmental, workforce, and academic elements of the project, along with a project timetable, which will be completed in several phases. Other major institutions and private companies are expected to join the collaborative effort.
“This is a cutting edge concept, and its impact on the city will be significant,” said Congressman John Olver. “The Computing Center will dovetail nicely with other big projects underway in Holyoke like the Multimodal Center and the Canalwalk. This is a very exciting time for the city.”
"This is an incredible opportunity for this Gateway City to re-invent itself and Holyoke cannot thank Governor Patrick and his economic development team enough for being our advocates,” said Mayor Sullivan. “I have long spoken to the issue of the ‘Holyoke advantage’, the difference is that Governor Patrick listened and understood how the City and the state could leverage their assets to create something powerful. It is a beautiful day in Holyoke.”
“This is an absolute game-changer for Holyoke, the Pioneer Valley, Western Massachusetts and the entire Commonwealth,” said Representative Michael Kane. “I deeply appreciate the commitment of the Governor, the Presidents of the Universities and the CEO’s of the companies to make this a reality and very much look forward to partnering with them all.”